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Campbellsville-Taylor County KY

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Phone # 

 Email Address

County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers 270.465.7729        judgeexec@taylorcounty.us
County Executive Secretary       Debbie McNear  270.465.7729   officeexec@taylorcounty.us
County Treasurer  Melissa Williams  270.789.1008  treasurer@taylorcounty.us
County Sheriff Allen Newton  270.465.4351 sheriff@taylorcounty.us
County Attorney John Bertram 270.465.5406 johnb@bcmllp.com
County Coroner Daniel Cook 270.849.3760  coroner@taylorcounty.us
County Fire Chief George Wilson  270.465.4131 emdirector@taylorcounty.us
Animal Control Director Rick Benningfield 270.465.7651 tcas@taylorcounty.us 
County Road Foreman Brian Smothers 270.789.1547  roaddept@taylorcounty.us
County Clerk Mark Carney  270.465.6677 tcclerk@windstream.net 
Electrical Inspector Coy Neat 270.849.5910  
Occupational Tax Clerk  Sherry Kerr  270.465.9760  occtax@taylorcounty.us
County Health Department Allison Griffiths 270.465.4191  allisons.griffiths@lcdhd.org
Emergency Management George Wilson  270.465.4131  emdirector@taylorcounty.us
Building Inspector Carley Fudge  270.634.4135  bluegrassbuildinginspections@gmail.com 
Solid Waste  Debbie McNear  270.465.7729  officeexec@taylorcounty.us
IT Specialist  Tony Smith  270.789.9194 itsupport@taylorcounty.us
Jailer  Hack Marcum   270.789.1909  tcjailer@taylorcounty.us
County PVA Chad Shively  270.465.5811  chad.shively@ky.gov 
Parks Director Chris Ambers 270.995.9119 chris.ambers@taylorcounty.us