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Campbellsville-Taylor County KY

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Phone # 

 Email Address

County Judge/Executive Barry Smith 270.465.7729
Deputy Judge Executive Cole Bland 270.465.7729
County Executive Secretary       Debbie McNear  270.465.7729
County Treasurer  Melissa Williams  270.789.1008
County Sheriff Allen Newton  270.465.4351
County Attorney John Bertram 270.465.5406
County Coroner Daniel Cook 270.849.3760
County Fire Chief George Wilson  270.465.4131
Animal Control Director Mandy VanWinkle 270.465.7651 
County Road Foreman Brian Smothers 270.789.1547
County Clerk Mark Carney  270.465.6677 
Electrical Inspector Coy Neat 270.849.5910  
Occupational Tax Clerk  Sherry Kerr  270.465.9760
County Health Department Allison Griffiths 270.465.4191
Emergency Management George Wilson  270.465.4131
Building Inspector Carley Fudge  270.634.4135 
Solid Waste  Debbie McNear  270.465.7729
Jailer Hack Marcum 270.789.1909
County PVA Chad Shively 270.465.5811
Parks Director Chris Ambers 270.995.9119