The Heart Of It All

Campbellsville-Taylor County KY

Chief George Wilson
Taylor County Fire Dept.
1563 Greensburg Road
Campbellsville,KY 42718

Phone  270.937.4020
Fax      270.469.4527

Taylor County Fire Department


We operate out of one station that protects a Rural-Suburban area. Our department is volunteer with an ISO rating 7/9. We provide fire protection to all areas of Taylor County (284 square miles) outside the city limits of Campbellsville with 35 volunteers.
The county now has a new 2,500 gallon tanker fire truck. It was custom built in Pennsylvania and was delivered in February, 2011.

A $237,000 grant has been received to help pay for the truck's $436,000 cost. A loan from the Kentucky Association of Counties has been obtained to pay for the remaining cost. The loan on another of the fire department's trucks was paid in full this year which means the county won't be paying any more in loans than it had been. An older truck was taken out of service and transferred to the road department.

The fire department is also applying for grants to build its own station.

Chief: George R. Wilson
Asst. Chief: Randy Bricken Sr
Captain: Kelvin Beard
Lieutenant: Howard Dobson Jr
Sergeant: Bob Buckner
Sergeant: Carl Dobson
Sergeant: John Harris